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  • GET YOUR CONFIDENCE BACK- Our 90 Tooth 3/8 Ratchet gear turns smooth and doesn't slip or lock up. We provide the quality you can trust, giving you confidence in your tools to focus more on your job.

  • STOP WASTING TIME AND START SOLVING PROBLEMS- Our 3/8 ratchet handle holds the socket in place while it is in use and releases with the push of a button. Get the job done quicker with tools that work.

  • COMFORT ALL DAY LONG- Our simple handle design is comfortable to hold, and our 3/8 inch drive ratchet is 8 inches in total length which allow plenty of leverage that keeps you working all day.

  • TIGHT SPACES NO PROBLEM- With 4° of arc swing, our socket wrench features a 90 tooth gear and double pawl design for easy movement in those hard-to-get areas while still giving you the needed torque.

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AGREEMENT- Quality means everything to us, so we offer a complete replacement of our ratchets for a lifetime or a full refund if you're not happy in the first 30 days.


My name is Jerry, the owner of Jerium Tools, and I know what you think “another tool brand.” I am a person who uses tools every day, and yes, there are some excellent tools out there if you can afford them. Fortunately, even some of the cheaper brands can make some good tools.

The problem is consistency, it is a hit or miss with some brands, and that can be a real pain in the ass. So that is why I decided to start another tool brand to give everyone consistent quality across our whole line of products so you, the customer, can buy with confidence and not worry if they just bought a piece of junk.


Jerium Tools is an American-owned and operated company. Even though we manufacture our product from China and Taiwan, we perform our quality control in-house to ensure you get the quality that holds up to the American standard.

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